Today we had one of the final walks thru before opening day. I had not visited the site for few weeks now and was very curious. I had gone over details, 3d renderings and floor plans plenty of times and I had a clear idea of what the space will look like; then "reality hits" and everything its much better than I had imagine. Oh boy I felt so good!!

The dramatic architecture of the space, the warmth of materials including life green walls, the exciting partnership with the Urby team and the experiences they will bring to customers, and its location by our Roasting Plant, makes this cafe a perfect showcase for Coperaco.

The town of Harrison is going under a huge transformation with a $256 million new Path station under construction as well as new residential buildings, shopping centers and recreation areas. We are excited our cafe is part of this urban development and for now, at least, the only cafe this town will have. (Nope Starbucks never cared for Harrison).

Please come to visit us starting July 1st!