JMC is a home-grown social enterprise dedicated towards not only ethical and sustainable sourcing of coffee but also works towards diminishing the existent gender bias in the coffee supply chains, historically established by men and run by men. In the process they hope to make great progress on saving the environment with their Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund.

The fund carries within the true essence of their mission. Their goal is to empower 1 million coffee grower women and plant 3 million trees by the year 2020, using sustainable trade as the income drive with 10% of each sale going into the Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund.

The program is a collaboration of global certification programs; Fairtrade, RainForest Alliance, UTZ Certified, organic and carbon-neutral certified by the GoldStandardFoundation and their nursery program and was launched on 8th March 2015 (International Women’s day) using the UN Women Empowerment Principles as their guiding light.

Java Mountain Coffee aims to bring modern processing techniques and modern packaging technology to the Indonesian farmers, most of whom are women, enabling them to grab the premium usually the third party international companies get.

Half of the fund made by their sales is going to be invested in sustainable certification program under which the low income local women coffee farmers shall be helped to gain the certification of various global programs and their costs shall be covered under this program. Javanese women farmers thus will have a chance to work under better trade conditions and a fair access to the global coffee market. Other issues like healthcare and education shall also be addressed.

The rest half of the fund will go into the nursery program under which high breed coffee plants shall be planted. Additionally, shade trees will be grown too, that’ll serve not only the protection purpose for the coffee plants but also as an extra option for increased income for the farmer families. Moreover as a whole, the program is a long run investment for the betterment of our planet.

JMC’s partner in both essential features of the program is the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, whose work remains under the careful observation of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.