Honey Bees and their decline

Angiosperms or commonly referred to as flowering plants have long established a mutual relationship with insects of the world. Insects have helped flowering plants evolve over a course of millions of years through furnishing cross pollination. Insects in turn fed on plant pollens, fruits and nectar etc and evolved along »

Coffee and Climate

The climate change is here. Natural catastrophes used to be abnormalities are becoming more like patterns. Temperatures are rising and the land availability is becoming a huge. Deforestation for agriculture and domestication is severely damaging the weather patterns and disasters like tsunami that are potentially resisted by mangroves are causing »

Coffee Production And Climate; Dramatic Declines.

For the past two years news agencies have been reporting the trouble, climate change has been stirring into the coffee industry. Long droughts provoked by El Niño weather system (An irregular and complex climatic change series that has been affecting equatorial Pacific region and around ever few years. It is »