Factors to be considered by coffee farmers

Environmental factors leave a great impact on the flavor a coffee bean may express. The topography, altitude and soil composition all determine the flavor profile of coffee beans belonging to that region. Every coffee cultivar has its specific taste and aroma, but same cultivar if grown in different regions of »

The Art of Hand Harvesting

Producing a great cup of coffee involves so many steps, no surprise there. Every step requires skill and not just roasting, or brewing. Early steps like harvesting the coffee cherries also play as determinant factor in how the final cup might taste like. The big challenge with coffee cherry harvest »

Natural Processed or Washed Coffee

From tree to our cups, there is a lot that happens to the coffee fruits. Coffees that we prepare our drinks from are basically the beans obtained from the bright red (or yellow or green) coffee cherries bunched up together as you may have seen in many pictures. But as »

7 Health Benefits Of Coffee

7 Health Benefits of Coffee Coffee helps you start your day and, if you are anything like us, coffee would leave you with a wonderful aftertaste you wish you didn't have to brush your teeth after breakfast. However, how many times you heard coffee is bad for you? or how »