Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Coperaco Espresso Bar

Last night was really exciting for us behind the bar at Coperaco Espresso Bar in Harrison, NJ. As we would do any other day, we made sure everything was perfect and yet, we had to be extra careful accommodating for the event, for security reasons. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, »

Felix Brasserie, Soho

Felix has been an iconic establishment in Soho since first opened its doors 20 years ago. Perhaps it is the feel of old Europe we enjoy here, sitting on wood tables dressed in white linens while watching (and being watched) shoppers passing by this busy Soho corner. But definitely it »


Upscale bakery with Parisian origins, specializing in French macarons in a number of flavors. Either arriving in a carriage or in your Uber share, make quite an entry at this French Flair upscaled Soho Establishment. Take it to go, sit at the private Renaissance style room or if weather permits »