"Single origin" coffee, a trend, but what does it really mean?

Not every single detail the word “single origin” carries can be explained in one line. The term has a broad definition. One important aspect that explains the term is where the coffee is from originally and that it is not a blend of coffee beans from varied parts of the »

Ethiopian Coffee, Premium Prices-BUT WHY?

Coffee Arabica is an indigenous plant of the Ethiopian highlands. The region has a wide range of genetically varying coffee plants (almost thousands of types) with many species being wild and still unidentified/un-recorded. The more variants of a plant, the more diversified flavors of the beans one will find. »

Coffee Production And Climate; Dramatic Declines.

For the past two years news agencies have been reporting the trouble, climate change has been stirring into the coffee industry. Long droughts provoked by El Niño weather system (An irregular and complex climatic change series that has been affecting equatorial Pacific region and around ever few years. It is »