Aged Coffee

Ever wondered where the concept of aged coffee did come from? Historically it is traced back to the 16th century where the coffee shipments used to travel from the port of Mocha (now known as Yemen) all the way to Europe. It took several months for coffee to reach the »

Coffee Extraction and Flavors

Making good coffee is an art. Baristas are the trained professionals of coffee making, but many coffee enthusiasts – besides enjoying great coffees from their favorite barista may be – also love to prepare their own coffee and like to play around a little with different techniques. As common untrained person, one »

Decaf is for coffee lovers

Caffeine aside, if you choose to drink decaf you must really love coffee. Coffee brands offering specialty coffees should consider, if they are not already, crafting decaf for the true coffee-lovers as, chances are, they will become their most loyal customers. A cup that contains 6 ounces of coffee can »

"Single origin" coffee, a trend, but what does it really mean?

Not every single detail the word “single origin” carries can be explained in one line. The term has a broad definition. One important aspect that explains the term is where the coffee is from originally and that it is not a blend of coffee beans from varied parts of the »

How Would You Like Your Coffee, Sir?

To pick out one best brewing method is rather a matter of personal choice than fact based and every method has its own uniqueness in taste and aroma. Even the same brewing method can yield unlike cups, each time a different roast is used. A coffee lover may not necessarily »