"Single origin" coffee, a trend, but what does it really mean?

Not every single detail the word “single origin” carries can be explained in one line. The term has a broad definition. One important aspect that explains the term is where the coffee is from originally and that it is not a blend of coffee beans from varied parts of the »

7 Health Benefits Of Coffee

7 Health Benefits of Coffee Coffee helps you start your day and, if you are anything like us, coffee would leave you with a wonderful aftertaste you wish you didn't have to brush your teeth after breakfast. However, how many times you heard coffee is bad for you? or how »

The Changing Role Of Women In Coffee Farms

Farms where the majority of the world’s coffee come from, have supposedly an invisible workforce; the women. 60-80% of the labor is carried out by women on small holder farms but despite the fact, historically women neither got financial nor decision making power. The problem lies in their own »