The art & science of roasting beans

As a roaster you may encounter coffee beans coming from different regions of the world and as similar as all the beans might appear at a glance (particularly to a layperson) a roaster knows how big of a difference it is. Around the globe several countries produce coffee. These are »

A Thank you from our CEO as we turn 3!

Today we celebrate the three year anniversary of Coperaco. It has been the most intense three years of my life and I am ready for many, many more stories to share. First of all I want to thank you for being part of this beautiful journey. Without you - today »

Natural Processed or Washed Coffee

From tree to our cups, there is a lot that happens to the coffee fruits. Coffees that we prepare our drinks from are basically the beans obtained from the bright red (or yellow or green) coffee cherries bunched up together as you may have seen in many pictures. But as »


To enter the specialty sector of coffee market; coffee beans must go through the cupping and grading sessions. However the growers; the farmers aren’t trained in these areas. Most farmers don’t even roast their beans. There is a lot of work that goes into the beans before roasting »

"Single origin" coffee, a trend, but what does it really mean?

Not every single detail the word “single origin” carries can be explained in one line. The term has a broad definition. One important aspect that explains the term is where the coffee is from originally and that it is not a blend of coffee beans from varied parts of the »

Chiapas, a protected land

Considered among the top-quality beans, the Mexican coffee is grown on the high altitudes and is often labeled Altura (grown on high altitudes). Mexican beans are grown in southern states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, where most of the small coffee farms are situated. Mexican coffee is, not only unique »

Searching for the perfect bean..

I tucked my suitcase under the hotel bed as the sun rises over Nicaragua. Felix, the head of the plantation himself is driving me up to the land; As we arrive I smell the gallo pinto and coffee made by the farmers to keep us thru the morning. Everyone is »

1Million Women Empowered, 3 Million trees planted

JMC is a home-grown social enterprise dedicated towards not only ethical and sustainable sourcing of coffee but also works towards diminishing the existent gender bias in the coffee supply chains, historically established by men and run by men. In the process they hope to make great progress on saving the »