An invitation to Paradise from our CEO

As my business continues to evolve, I often get caught up in the moment — thinking about all the details, all the good and bad that come with our rapid growth and that keep me striving for more. But it is during my frequent travels, often looking out an airplane window, »

Nicaragua Coffee

One of the poorest members of Latin America, Nicaragua grows some amazing coffee. Located to the north of and just beside Costa Rica, its economy relies greatly on agriculture and 50% of Nicaragua’s exports come from agriculture sector. Nicaragua has plenty of lakes and volcanoes on its land. The »

When a dream becomes reality; Nicaragua

I'm writing todays post hoping to inspire you, sharing a story of a dream that became reality, wishing your dreams also come true. Back in 2010 our founder and CEO, Johan Pesenti, traveled to the mountains of Nicaragua. At that time, Johan had already worked in the coffee industry for »

Increasing number of the women in the coffee workforce- Nicaragua

In world regions where the economy basically depends upon agriculture, it is not unusual to see women sharing a wide range of duties. From household chores to working on the farm and selling in the market, women can be spotted as managing hard labor of all sorts. Although the traditional »