Nicaragua Coffee

One of the poorest members of Latin America, Nicaragua grows some amazing coffee. Located to the north of and just beside Costa Rica, its economy relies greatly on agriculture and 50% of Nicaragua’s exports come from agriculture sector. Nicaragua has plenty of lakes and volcanoes on its land. The »

Fighting La Roya Organically

La Roya or Coffee Leaf rust is a fungal disease that has been stirring serious trouble in coffee producing communities for a couple of years now. 2012-2014 were the years Central American coffee producing regions were severely affected by the outbreak of the fungus. Since then many research centers and »

The 20/20 Project

To fight against poverty that plagues the lives of coffee farmers around the world, 20/20 project is working with coffee producer communities in Asia and Africa. Main targeted countries are Ethiopia from Africa and Nepal from Asia where 20/20 project is working to create useful connections among the »

Bee Keeping, a second income for coffee farmers

Beekeeping is nothing new for Guatemalan and Mexican regions for the practice can be traced back to ancient Mayan civilizations who used to keep the stingless bees (Melipona beecheii), as the symbol of god Aj Muzen Kab’. Fast forward to 19th century and the Europeans were settling in Latin America. »

Chiapas, a protected land

Considered among the top-quality beans, the Mexican coffee is grown on the high altitudes and is often labeled Altura (grown on high altitudes). Mexican beans are grown in southern states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, where most of the small coffee farms are situated. Mexican coffee is, not only unique »

Ban On Coffee Pods- Watch Out!

The downside of single-cup coffee brews Despite the increased popularity pod coffee has gained in the recent years it creates unnecessary waste, as billions of used coffee pods are tossed in trash each year. About 3 grams of packaging is used per 6grams of coffee in a single coffee pod »