Its been a year since my last trip to Panama. Our partners Mario and Payim, from Mil Cumbres Farm are waiting for me. They are the keepers of our coffee sanctuary, a magical place 1700 m above sea level by the volcano, the ideal altitude to grow the best coffee in the world.

A year ago my hands were in the soil, the young trees were been planted. We regrouped Geisha plants from Ethiopia, Colombia and Panama,Boubon Cidra, San Remon and Sudan Rume. I'm here this week to prepare these coffees and I am beyond excited.

Working with these farmers, with mother nature, in this secret paradise is a dream for me; its my purpose in life.

Soon, I will be able to bring the beans to Paris to be prepared by one of the best Chefs in the world. My journey, from seed to cup, continues. I have the mission to bring the most fresh ingredients Earth provides and in Barú Volcano I found the most special place in the world.
Thank you Panama!