Today we celebrate the three year anniversary of Coperaco. It has been the most intense three years of my life and I am ready for many, many more stories to share. First of all I want to thank you for being part of this beautiful journey. Without you - today would look quite different.

In the spirit of celebration I am sharing the first installment in a series of videos which allows you to see behind the scenes in this journey you are part of. It is Coperaco’s way of saying Thank You for coming along. The first installation of these videos can be seen here:

The “Every Cup is a Journey” campaign (#everycupisajourney) shows our journey of finding the perfect bean which is built on a foundation of good relationships with farmers and local communities. We keep one foot in the farm and one hand in the kitchen to produce the perfect cup of coffee. The campaign is our way of showing how important our partners, clients and green coffee producers are as part of our journey.

I am committed to coffee and I am committed to all those who work in the coffee industry; from the farmers growing the seeds, to my team, to the artisans making the cups, to the baristas pouring the coffees. I am determined to elevate coffee from a commodity to a true culinary product by sourcing the freshest of fruits and roasting them to perfection. This is my promise to my clients. I will continue dreaming, I will continue this journey you are part of.

Thank you for coming along.

Johan Pesenti