I'm writing todays post hoping to inspire you, sharing a story of a dream that became reality, wishing your dreams also come true.

Back in 2010 our founder and CEO, Johan Pesenti, traveled to the mountains of Nicaragua. At that time, Johan had already worked in the coffee industry for a while and learned that not all coffee farming was done right. As a child growing in the South of France, Johan watched his grandfather working the land to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way. Coffee, as a fruit, should be grown exactly the same way he thought and so he started a search for sustainable farms that respect nature.

Johan dreamed to start his own coffee company to provide customers with only the most fresh coffee, harvested and roasted just before consumed.

When he met Felix Caceres in Nicaragua seven years ago the dream started to manifest. So much has happened since and Johan's coffee company, Coperaco, was born in 2014.

This past week, Johan traveled to Nicaragua to meet with Felix and to source beans for Spring. His dream has become a reality with Saison®, a line of seasonal coffees with the beans from countries where harvesting just happened.

During his trip Johan sent me tons of cool photos and videos and also few texts full of excitement. Want to share one with you, hope he doesn't mind me sharing, I think its beautiful:

"No matter how far I go, I will always come back to where all began. I just visited my friend and agronomist Felix Caceres, a man who beyond his love and knowledge of coffee, looks after mother nature first and foremost. This trip moved me, being in Nicaragua again, hiking the mountains with Felix, it reassures me on the importance of preserving nature, of bringing nature to my company, to my customers".